My web guy, Spike Cohen, has designed a logo that will also include the Canadian flag, which will debut very soon. Spike’s wife Tasha is from Toronto, so he is very much interested (as am I) in bringing our neighbors to the north into the fold. I have been contacted by many Canadian “Snowbirds” looking for member companies not just in the US, but also in Canada. How about a little feedback from Canadian Home Watch companies? I have heard from Bill Van Vlack a couple of months back, and also companies in Vancouver, Nova Scotia and even Saskatchewan. Let’s continue the conversation.

The amount of people inquiring about and getting our “Getting Started’ guide is so encouraging. Since the PayPal option is now in place, sales of the guide have been terrific. But I want to be clear about this again: Our goal is to increase membership, not to sell guides. The cost of the guide will be applied to your membership dues. We are mentoring many new companies with this method. Many additional states and locations  will soon be represented in the NHWA.

Come be a part of the NHWA. We are here to help.

Have a terrific Memorial Day weekend.


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