Greetings and salutations.

First of all, I want to send positive thoughts and prayers to the people of Moore, Oklahoma. There are no words that can be spoken to truly describe the horror and devastation they experienced yesterday. Like Super Storm Sandy late last year, natural disasters always seem to put things in perspective. I have many friends and family that are still feeling the effects of that horrific day. Last week I was contacted by a reporter from the Star-Ledger newspaper of Newark, NJ for a comment about the amount of burglaries happening along the Jersey Shore in homes that were damaged and are unattended. I gave him my thoughts, but passed along Keith Gunsten’s contact info. Keith, of NJ Home Watch, is right in the middle of things on the Shore, and certainly more qualified to discuss the situation. Great job on the article, Keith.

I’d also like to address a couple of comments that I’ve received about our “Home Watch Start Up Guide”. When I wrote the guide, I did so with the intention of having it help a new company form a business plan that makes sense, while avoiding some of the pitfalls and obstacles that I experienced with Coastal Carolina Home Watch. When I speak with people before they purchase it, I always let them know that depending on how far along in the process they are, they might feel that they know some of the information already. However, it is very important that they don’t simply dismiss what I am trying to get across. But the guide is only a part of the program. Once you have purchased it, the NHWA is available to be contacted with questions and guidance throughout the entire start up process. We have helped many companies transition smoothly from concept, to becoming operational. And, the price of the guide is applied to the cost of your membership fee. I am extremely confident in our “mentoring program.”

I’d like to update you on the NHWA National Conference being held in Myrtle Beach this October 24th – 26th. The event will include demonstrations of Home Watch management applications for smart phones and tablets. My company will be beta testing two of these systems prior to the conference. We will also be officially introducing our very own General Liability policy, available only to members of the NHWA. I can’t tell you how excited the membership is about this. We will also have speakers and forums addressing SEO, social media, and networking. We have a lot planned, and much to be accomplished.

Look for new member announcements from Arkansas, Utah, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and California. And, there are more states in the process of coming on board. If you are considering joining, do it already! Our website is generating lots of leads for our Members, and we have many potential clients in other areas looking for Accredited Members. Become a member today.

Much success,