Jack Luber Executive Director

Jack Luber
Executive Director


Advanced Home Watch & Management Co. of Sarasota, Florida, has earned Accredited Member status from the NHWA.

Owners Chuck and Ann Mazza moved to the Sarasota area in 2005, when their adventure began. Previously working for Fortune 500 companies, they started performing Home Watch over 12 years ago by simply watching homes for their seasonal neighbors. As Chuck and Ann incorporated more of a professional approach to their trade, rather than doing Home Watch as a hobby or a “neighbor doing a favor,” their reputation for attention to detail and professionalism grew, as did the requests for them to watch more homes. They provide comprehensive property management solutions to property owners with seasonal and full-time properties.

The goals that Chuck and Ann set are simple: They wanted to incorporate the principles and values they applied to their corporate life to Advanced Home Watch. They understand that it’s likely each client’s home will be one of the largest investments they will make in their lifetime. At Advanced Home Watch, Chuck and Ann offer their clients peace of mind, knowing their homes are being professionally checked on when they are away for a few weeks or a few months.

As they say, “It’s not if something might happen to your home, but when something happens. The question is…Will you be prepared?”

Chuck and Ann Mazza Advanced Home Watch and Management Co.

Chuck and Ann Mazza
Advanced Home Watch and Management Co.

Advanced Home Watch & Management Co. serves Sarasota County. You can contact them at (941) 218-0008 or at chuck@AdvancedHomeWatchSRQ.com. Learn more at www.AdvancedHomeWatchSRQ.com.

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