We have been inundated by requests from people looking to start a business. Well, the NHWA can now help you. We have compiled a “how to” in a very easy to follow format. The guide gets you to ask the necessary questions so you’ll have the answers you need to start up, get the right insurance, market and advertise effectively, and so on, and so on…. In conjunction with the guide, you’ll be encouraged to call or Email with questions, problems and to ask advise of us.   Please call or Email to let us know if you are interested in the course. We are taking orders right now.

If March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, does that mean that Home Watch is over for the year? I guess that depends on if your customers are coming or going,  now doesn’t it? Every day provides new opportunities for our industry. I am currently working on a plan that will tie the NHWA in with national concerns that could impact Home Watch in a positive way. Stay tuned.
Much success,


“Twenty percent of the people are against everything all of the time.” – Robert Kennedy

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