Attendants of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, earns third-year accreditation from the NHWA!

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Attendants of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, has earned accreditation from the NHWA for the third year.

Owner Nancy Hart launched Attendants in 2012, after realizing that having a Home Watch service is absolute necessity for Canadians who travel and spend the winters in the warmer US States and further south. A Niagara-on-the-Lake resident, she knew just how important it is to have a qualified person tend to things at empty homes during the homeowner’s absence. Nancy knew that an Attendant could solve and avoid many issues that could arise. And while a lot of people ask friends and relatives for help in keeping an eye on things, Nancy likes to point out why that is not an ideal solution for everybody. “Many people’s needs may translate into an unwanted responsibility for their friends,” says Nancy. What if mistakes are made? “Will you be upset with them for doing you a favor?” And with the strict rules and conditions written into the homeowners insurance policies of Canadians who leave their homes unoccupied for different lengths of time, Nancy knew that she could bring peace of mind and confidence to her clients. “If you don’t take the time to read the fine print, you might miss the line that explains that a homeowner is required to have their unoccupied home checked on every 48-72 hours. If you can’t prove that it was checked on, the insurance company has the right to deny your claim.” Much can happen, she points out, “So, don’t take half-measures with something this important. Let Attendants be there for you.”

Nancy boasts a long career in banking, insurance, and international trade. So, she took an organized and more formal approach to the problem when launching Attendants. Based on her start-up research, Nancy concluded that a bonded and insured service with backup support and a comprehensive checklist was the way to go. And when she was able to earn accreditation by the National Home Watch Association, she did so immediately. Nancy emphasizes that this is a service that homeowners need to be able to count on 100%. Attendants’ policy includes a pre-trip review and the assurance that no one enters a customer’s home without them knowing who and when.

Nancy Hart

Attendants serves Southern Ontario: the corridor from Niagara to the Metro Toronto area and adjacent communities. You can reach Nancy at (905) 464-1925 or at Learn more at

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A little about the National Home Watch Association: The NHWA was formed in 2009 in order to establish and maintain the highest industry standards for Home Watch and absentee homeowner services throughout the United States and Canada (


February 21, 2019

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