Huh? What are you talking about? Has Jack finally lost it? Well the short answer is …yes, I have lost it. But that’s a totally different story. How can a bad economy be good for our industry? How can’t it be? When the economy slows, property needs more attention. That is a fact. I saw an article in the paper today about extended unemployment benefits are almost done. Less disposable income can lead to less visits to a second home, or shorter vacations by business people, leaving properties unoccupied for a longer time. More maintenance by service providers will be needed. Homes that aren’t selling present an excellent opportunity for clean-ups and repair jobs. Crime may rise. Who knows…..

There is a possibility that more “companies” will not be able to afford the insurance they say they carry. That being said, your competition may not be bonded and insured. You as a member of the NHWA must maintain all applicable insurances to become and remain a member. The seal of the NHWA guarantees it. So when a potential client checks out your website and asks about what your membership means, you can say with pride that you are a member. Let us help reinforce trust with your clients. Lets separate the serious HW companies from the un/under insured, the trained from the untrained, the “legitimate” from the illegitimate. You get the point.

A shout out to New Jersey and Massachusetts, your applications are being worked on. To our friend from Crystal River, Florida…be well. Oh and go “Big Blue”.

I look forward to your applications.

Good luck and much success,


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