Greetings, Home Watchers.

As the owner of my own Home Watch company, I have been really busy. (This is a good thing.) That’s why I haven’t been blogging for a couple of weeks. I have been expanding some of my services and streamlining others. As you probably know, having a business is a juggling act. Especially in today’s economy. In order to be successful, you need to constantly monitor and adapt your Home Watch business to your customer’s current needs and your business model. If you are smart, you will also try to anticipate changes and trends, so you can stay ahead of the curve (and your competition…).  There are many different opportunities to increase your bottom line and your customer’s dependence on your services. Interested in knowing more?

I am also working on a page dedicated to the Canadian Home Watch industry. Google tells me that the companies north of the border are visiting our site very frequently. There are people in Saskatchewan who have viewed the site 10 times in the last 20 days. Quebec, BC and Nova Scotia seem very curious also. Any suggestions for the Canadian info page will be greatly appreciated.

New member applications also continue to come in. Our “how-to” guide is helping start-up companies build their businesses intelligently and ethically. We at the NHWA are looking to build the membership while maintaining the very highest standards. This process is a marathon…not a sprint. Let’s take our time and do it right. If you are serious about the Home Watch industry, become a member. Accreditation definitely means something, because prospective customers from Minnesota, Georgia, Missouri, Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire have contacted us looking for members to hire. And that was in the last 30 days. The NHWA is not going away; it is becoming more and more visible. Being a member is an exclusive selling tool that only members can use when signing new customers. So take a look at the NHWA again. If we can protect our industry, we protect our futures.

As always, I wish you

Much success.


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