Greetings and salutations.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at the NHWA. Aside from planning our very first National Conference being held in Myrtle Beach this October, we have been working very hard on a general liability insurance solution for Home Watch companies. A lot of Home Watch companies that are insured, might not actually carry the correct coverages. Huh? Unfortunately, it’s true. Because Home Watch and Concierge companies are generally slotted into many different categories by insurance underwriters, and because the services we provide don’t always fit neatly into a little box, the coverage written into the policy may not be covering the work actually being performed. And then there is the cost factor. Is the Home Watch paying to much? They could be paying too little. Keep in mind that what seems to be affordable insurance that doesn’t cover what it needs to, is not a great deal. There will be a lot more conversation about this. Stay tuned for the latest developments.

The NHWA is the source for accurate information for Home Watch. Our members are an alliance of Accredited Members, who maintain the highest standards and ethics in their businesses. Among the many benefits of membership are marketing and education.

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