In my last blog post, I talked about insurance companies and how they don’t really understand what we do. This translates to higher premiums and possibly the incorrect coverage. We are currently compiling names of insurance providers who do insure Home Watch. If you’d like to share the name of your company, we’d really appreciate it. I’ve been contacted in the past by some insurance brokers who were interested in being recognized by the NHWA. If you can help our members (and future members), give us a call. All information will be made available to our members.

BIG NEWS!  I want to congratulate Max Henig of Holiday Home Watch for becoming our first accredited member in the Great State of Indiana. Max has agreed to follow the Code of Ethics and Mission Statement of The NHWA. Holiday Home Watch serves the greater Indianapolis area. I will write more about his company when the site is up and running, which I am told will be very soon. But for now you can e-mail him at

Shhhh! I am keeping something kinda quiet right now, but word has it there’s a company that’s very close to having a working prototype for a completely interactive Home Watch software program. My source tells me that it will work on all “smartphones” as well as your desktop. My source also tells me that it will do everything but the inspection itself.  Well…maybe not quite everything.  I’ll let you know more when I know more.

‘Til then…stay cool.


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