Congrats to Coastal Sand Home Watch of Lakewood Ranch, FL, on their fourth-year accreditation!​

Carol Harper

Coastal Sand Home Watch of Lakewood Ranch, Florida, has earned accreditation from the NHWA for the fourth year.

When owner Carol Harper and her husband, Troy, discovered Lakewood Ranch, they knew they had found their new home. This beautiful Florida community offered them a lifestyle they had always dreamed of. However, on their fourth night in their new home, they faced one of the top issues in home disasters: flooding. The ensuing water damage also brought with it the dreaded threat of mold. It was this challenging experience that sparked Carol’s interest in Home Watch and set her on a path of helping others in her community.

Through Coastal Sand Home Watch, Carol has found a way to turn her passion for helping others into a business. She brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and strengths to her clients, including a keen eye for detail, and an understanding of what to look for. Carol’s level of commitment and dedication to finding solutions is unmatched.

Carol is a graduate of the NHWA’s Home Watch Boot Camp and has earned the designation of Certified Home Watch Professional, which places her into the category of elite Home Watch providers in the industry. The CHWP designation and Boot Camp training exemplify Carol’s commitment to Home Watch excellence. 

In conclusion, Carol’s journey from confronting a challenging home disaster to achieving the Certified Home Watch Professional designation is a testament to her dedication, passion, and commitment to helping others. Through Coastal Sand Home Watch, Carol offers you not just peace of mind, but a trusted partner in safeguarding your home. Her mission is to offer homeowners peace of mind and her do-whatever-it-takes mentality.

When Carol and Troy are not busy with Coastal Sand Home Watch, you can find them enjoying their favorite pastimes, including playing golf, relaxing at the beach, and savoring Florida’s beautiful weather and breathtaking sunsets.

Coastal Sand Home Watch specializes in serving various communities in Lakewood Ranch, including Lakewood National, Country Club East, Tara, Esplanade, and more. You can reach Carol at (847) 528-9808 or contact her via email at For more information, visit her website at

Congratulations, Carol!

As always, I wish you

Much success,

Jack Luber
Executive Director

A little about the National Home Watch Association: The NHWA was formed in 2009 in order to establish and maintain the highest industry standards for Home Watch and absentee homeowner services throughout the United States and Canada (

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