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SecureEye Homewatch Services
SecureEye Homewatch provides a wide variety of services ranging from Homewatch to Lawn Care and even Pool Care. We also offer an extensive Concierge Service List for your convenience!

Services & Solutions
SecureEye Homewatch
If you own a home, then you know that there may be periods of time, short or extended, when your home shall be unoccupied. Maybe you’ll hire a house-sitter, ask a trusted neighbor or close family member to keep an eye on your property and check in with you from time to time.

Simply locking the door and relying on your busy neighbors and family members to check on your home from time to time may not be best solution to protect your investment and provide you the peace of mind that your home is safe and secure while you are away.

Quite frankly, serious damage to your home may be possible as a result of (but not limited to):

? Inclement Weather/Storms

? Home Intrusion/Theft

? Fire Hazards Due to Faulty Electrical Systems/Appliances

? Water Damage from Leaky Pipes/Appliances

? Pest/Insect Infestation or Infiltration

SecureEye Green Lawns
Inspired by distinction, we give you the home turf advantage. At SecureEye Green Lawns we offer a completely customizable plan with free consultation that suits your lawn. From a quick Mow N Go to mulching and weed control. Our professionals sharp eye for detail is unbeatable and offer only the best, with state of the art equipment.

? Mow n’ Go Standard

? Mow n’ Go Extended

You grow, we mow! Your lawn is in good hands. Contact us today

SecureEye Blue Water
From the first shallow steps to the deep end of the pool and every drop of water, we have you covered! Blue Water Pools treats all of its pools like our own, with personal care and certified expertise. Fully customizable plans with free consultation that suit your personal needs, with technicians ready 24 hours a day for any unwanted emergencies.

Custom plans from:

? Chemistry Only

? Auto Vacuum

? Vacuum Once a Month

? Vacuum Bi-Weekly

? Vacuum Weekly

Come swim with us and give us a call today!

Storm Readiness & Preparation Services

Better to be prepared with a plan and not need it, than to be caught off guard. SecureEye Homewatch Services offers its Storm Readiness Services to help residents prepare, document, and activate a customizedStorm Readiness Plan for your place of residence (single family home, coach home, condominium, villa etc.) well in advance of severe weather events.

Our services provides and executes a storm readiness service plan offering the following features:

Initial Assessment/Inventory of Shutters & Hardware (Includes labeling/marking them on a plan)
“Dry Run” Storm Shutter Install and Remove – (Optional feature)
Timely Storm Monitoring and Activity Notifications/Updates (via Email, Text, Calls)
Priority Scheduling for Guarantee Service Installation
Execute Installation of Hurricane Shutters in Advance of Storm
Storage of Exterior “Loose items”
Removal of Hurricane Shutters After Storm

Our Team

Our professional SecureEye service teams are background checked, insured & bonded, highly trained and tested before addressing the needs for your home and property. Our Service teams are locally based around your immediate area and dedicated to your community ensuring you get that personal service touch.