Frequently Asked Questions – Home Watch Company

What is the NHWA?

The National Home Watch Association is a group of elite Home Watch services from across the U.S. and Canada, that have agreed to operate their businesses according to the highest set of standards and guidelines in the industry. These standards and guidelines ensure the clients of these Accredited Members that they are fully protected by proper insurance, bonding, and procedures provided by them. In addition, Accredited Members have agreed to uphold and abide by the Code of Ethics and Mission Statement of the NHWA.

Why is the NHWA important to the Home Watch industry?

Because there are no set rules or standards required to operate a Home Watch business, there are many companies that have little or no insurance or bonding. Many are unlicensed and don't perform background checks on employees. Members operate according to the NHWA's Best Practices, which have been developed in order to provide consistent inspections and accurate reporting to our clients. With the amount of new Home Watch services opening each month, it is very important for the consummate company to separate from the rest of the pack. The NHWA is also committed to educating the public as to what a Home Watch company actually does. Common misconceptions about being a security or house-sitting service continue to be a problem throughout the industry.

Why is the NHWA important to the general public?

Trust is paramount in the Home Watch business. If we lose the trust of our public or clientele because an uninsured or careless company makes mistakes, or items go missing, the potential damage to the reputation of Home Watch could be devastating. Because our entire membership has been vetted, the recommendation of the NHWA carries weight and makes clients more confident with their choice.

Why should my company become a member of the NHWA?

What can NHWA Accreditation do for my company?

Aside from being recognized as being a credible, accredited member of the NHWA, there are many ways Accreditation can help. Potential clients look to do business with companies that belong to organizations that endorses them because they hold their members accountable. By becoming accredited, your company will be listed on the NHWA website where Clients will find your business. This website averages close to one hundred thousand visits annually.. (See Reasons to Join) As a sponsored site, the NHWA ad appears immediately, ahead of all competing companies, putting your company front and center, regardless of your page ranking.

How can NHWA membership improve my business?

How do I apply for membership in the NHWA?

What is the cost of membership?

The annual dues are $495 for Home Watch Companies. (See Reasons to Join.) Affiliate memberships are also available.


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