Greetings and salutations.

Wow is it cold here. It’s not supposed to snow here….but it did. I got rid of my snow shovel when I moved here from NJ. Frozen pipes, fallen limbs, power outages are all huge concerns down here. It’s those unexpected happenings that make our industry necessary. No matter how much you plan, think ahead and take precautions, stuff still happens. You are in Pittsburgh or Seattle or Canada for that matter, and your vacation home is empty.  You’ve given your neighbor down the street a key to get in “just in case”. Are you feeling confident enough to know that any emergencies will be taken care of? What if your neighbor is away, or sick, or just plain forgets to check? Can you hold him accountable if he was doing you a favor by holding the key? Of course you can’t.
Hiring an accredited Home Watch company that specializes in taking care of vacant condos and homes is a “no-brainer”.  The NHWA checks out the credentials and coverages of potential members. Member companies have the knowledge and good judgement to make “on the spot” decisions that could potentially save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary damages and wasted time. You’ll have confidence in knowing that someone is looking out for your best interests. Absentee and part-time residents shouldn’t leave things to chance.

Happy 2011 to all y’all

A very cold…Jack