Halo Home Watch of Naples, FL, earns accreditation from the NHWA!

Jack Luber
Executive Director


Halo Home Watch of Naples, Florida, has earned Accredited Member status from the NHWA.

Father and son Patrick Burke, Sr. (Pat), and Patrick Burke, Jr., saw the damage done after Hurricane Irma. Going through that experience, they felt that while there were people checking on homes, many were not credentialed. They felt there had to be a way to do this more professionally.

After living in Naples for several years and meeting many ex-law enforcement and military personnel, the common theme between most was the lack of job opportunities in the area. Wanting to make a difference, Pat and Patrick thought the Home Watch Industry was the perfect opportunity to achieve that. They felt the Home Watch industry in Naples, while ubiquitous, still more professionals to deal with a long-standing issue for most seasonal residents, someone they can trust caring for their home when they are away. They hope to provide that while creating jobs for those who have spent a career of service protecting us.

Pat has over 23 years of law enforcement experience, with more than 15 years as a detective. Patrick has over eight years of business and consulting experience, with an MBA and CPA. He is also in the process of obtaining a Florida real estate license.

All of Halo Home Watch’s technicians are former law enforcement or military personnel, ensuring that only someone trustworthy enters their clients’ homes.

Pat has also earned the designation of NHWA Certified Home Watch Professional.

Patrick Burke, Sr.

Patrick Burke, Jr.

Halo Home Watch serves Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, and Marco Island. You can reach them at (239) 537-2685 or at Visit their website at

Welcome, Pat and Patrick!

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A little about the National Home Watch Association: The NHWA was formed in 2009 in order to establish and maintain the highest industry standards for Home Watch and absentee homeowner services throughout the United States and Canada (

April 30, 2019

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