Greetings and Salutations,

Is Spring really here? You could have fooled me. Only got to low 60’s in South Carolina today. The Northeast is getting pounded with snow once again. It is getting hard to figure. It seems that you can’t count on “sure things” anymore. Usually with April, the snowbirds begin to migrate north (always a sure thing). Well that may not happen until the weather has definitely gotten more friendly. This may cut in to your productive (income earning) time.  So, why not take that time to go and secure a few more clients. I have gotten word that some Home Watch companies are not accepting new customers. Wow! Now that is some problem to have. Too many clients. So… there are plenty of opportunities to meet people and bolster you client baser. Are you making the right decisions regarding advertising and marketing? Is your website getting looked at, or are you so far down the list that you’ll never be found? You need to be honest with yourself. To paraphrase a famous quote: “ The definition of insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over but keep expecting a different outcome.” If your business has hit a plateau or is starting to stagnate, contact the NHWA. We are here to help you grow your business, enhance your reputation and solidify the membership with good, quality people and ethically responsible Home Watch businesses. If you join now, you’ll even receive our new guide on how to set up a Home Watch business. It is no fluff, just good solid ideas. So what if you already have a business? Even Tiger and Phil have swing coaches. If you are just starting up, purchase the guide, and the cost will be applied to your membership once you qualify.

Our members are privy to shared information that only helps the way we do and don’t do business. I had a conversation today with NHWA member Wanda Rogers of Allegiant Property Watch in California. She is about to try something that I started a few months ago. We shared ideas, and I think that we each learned something. I spoke with Debbie in Arizona. She knows that she can do better. Kevin in Florida has taken a side job, because his business is not working out. So I asked him some basic questions. His answers tell me that we can help him! Let us re-energize you with ideas and shared knowledge from all over the country. The Home Watch industry is growing so fast that if we are not careful, bad things might happen due to unscrupulous companies, and we will all be affected. Join us. The NHWA is good for our industry.Thanks for reading.

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PS – I will be at the Masters next week. No…I am not playing! And that is NO April Fools!

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