Numbers don’t lie. 
I appreciate all of the inquiries from potential members. I appreciate the fact that the NHWA is a new and unproven entity. I understand that people don’t like to be the “first” when it comes to joining things. It’s only natural. I, however, don’t go along with such conservative thinking. How can I? Not only did I move to a different state to start a Home Watch business in South Carolina. I made a life changing decision and took a chance. I did my research, but it was a major gamble. People weren’t familiar with the Home Watch concept in the Myrtle Beach area. I needed a home watch service, but there was no one to help me with my vacation condo. So I gambled on my idea, and formed Coastal Carolina Home Watch. I’ve seen other companies try to start up and fail…quickly. I have heard about poor service and ethics of some of these “failed” enterprises. Let’s face it…if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. Those short timers can cause irreperable damage to our industry.

So why form the National Home Watch Association?
Doesn’t it make sense that the “real”  Home Watchers who are dedicated to doing the right thing by their customers, should be able to set themselves apart from the pack? What about our having a uniied voice for our industry? Or having the ability to share ideas and experiences with other accredited business? What about being represented on a website that will not only reinforce who we are and what we do…but also gives potential clients a direct link to your website?  The NHWA promises to be a presence that will help grow not only the industry as a whole, but also grow accredited businesses.

Some HARD numbers from the NHWA website.

Since the website was launched in mid September 2010 it has had:
2170 visits  
1860 or 86% unique (first time) visitors
171 different sources brought visitors to the site
Requests for information on member companies from 43 different states (including 356 for Florida alone!)
57 requests for new business start – ups
79 pages were viewed 9916 times
If you want to grow your business – join!
If you want people to FIND your website – join!
If you are looking to increase your income – join!
If you are looking to set YOUR company apart – join!

We can’t grow without you.

Best wishes and much success.


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