Dave Carter and Rick Mowery

Dave Carter is a genius. A successful veteran of the
business world, Dave approached me with his vision for Home Watch Service
PLUS last year. He purchased a start-up guide from the NHWA and used
the information from it (along with many spit-balling sessions with me
on the phone) and combined it with his plan. What he has created is a
well-laid-out, franchise-able Home Watch business. The first Home Watch
Service PLUS is located on Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach, FL.
Offering 100-plus services for homeowners, property managers and
mortgage lenders, the Amelia Island location is managed by Rick Mowery.
Rick is a maintenance expert with over 15 years experience. HWSP of
Amelia Island serves Nassau County, Florida and Camden County, Georgia.
Its property preservation program serves Nassau and Duval Counties in
Florida, and all of Southeast Georgia. Please visit www.hwsplus.com/Amelia
for more information. The NHWA would like to congratulate Dave and Rick
on their accreditation and acceptance in our Association.

We are ready to announce new members in Delaware, Tennessee, Florida and Massachusetts in upcoming blogs. Until then, I wish you

Much success,