So I’m reading the paper last week, and I see an article about vacant homes and how insurance companies have a lot of fine print in their policies. Did you know that your homeowners insurance company can raise your premium up to 60% if your home is unoccupied for a certain amount of time? Did you know that your homeowners insurance can actually be cancelled? A lot of bad things can happen when your house is empty. We at the NHWA suggest that even if you are gone for as little as a week, make arrangements for someone to check on your residence. Take a look at this article in the“Insurance Journal”. State insurance commissioners are warning homeowners to be very careful. While this article addresses abandonment and properties that are for sale, it also suggests that if interpreted differently, it could adversely affect homeowners who are at another location. Let’s face facts, when a home is empty and not being cared for, a lot of things can happen and not be discovered until someone returns home. You can trust the accredited members of the National Home Watch Association to care for your home like it was theirs. If you have a Home Watch provider, ask them if they are accredited. If you are ready to hire, ask. Only companies with proper insurance, no consumer complaints and the highest ethics are able to join.

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