As a Home Watch business owner I am constantly looking for ways to increase business. Advertise more? Advertise differently? Stop advertising altogether? How about my website…is it effective? How do I know if it is or isn’t? WHAT IS MY PAGE RANKING? What the heck is a page ranking? Well, as a guy who just launched this organization’s website, I can tell you that the more I found out about how this stuff works, the more I knew how much more I needed to know.
Your page ranking means…what page are you on when you look on a search engine (google, yahoo, etc). How close to the top of the heap are you? If you haven’t considered this, you are probably losing customers. Actually, you haven’t actually lost them, because you never had a shot at their business. They never got to your site, because they never saw it. The NHWA is here to help. Joining will raise your web status! There is no doubt. How do I know? Well, Coastal Carolina Home Watch (my business), is first page all the time on Google. And while we are a sponsored link, how about the fact that the NHWA site did not exist before the first week of September, and it already appears on page 3 or 5 depending on the search engine. As a member, you will be able to link with the NHWA site, and therefore all present and future links associated with this site. For those business that are paying for a sponsored link (and you know how expensive that can be…), your ranking will grow organically (aka…free). We plan on having discussions with the members about this and many other topics that are relevant to our industry.
By the by, I want to reiterate that applying does not mean automatic entry to the NHWA. Our staff needs to verify insurance, applicable licenses, and consumer ratings before membership is granted. Accreditation will be a significant advantage.  Getting the contract when competing against a non-accredited Home Watch company will be a no-brainer.
My last piece of information concerns those of you who are waiting to join. I look at Google Analytics daily. It tell me the amount of clicks…what pages; how many visitors on a given page; how the visitor found the site;
all kinds of information. You can not believe how many inquiries to the member search pages there have been. There are leads that are being held for states not yet represented. What are you waiting for?

Much success,


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