In Her Honor and Memory – Donna Lopez​

Donna Lopez

On September 23, 2022, Hurricane Ian formed over the Cayman Islands and made landfall in Cuba. On September 28th, it attacked the southwest coast of Florida, moved through the state, and then moved to the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where it reformed and landed in South Carolina, headed north through North Carolina, and into Virginia.  Finally, on October 1st, Ian was over, but not before claiming 160 lives and causing billions in damage. Even after almost a year and a half, damage is still very visible where entire areas need to be rebuilt. While homes and possessions can be reconstructed and reacquired, those who lost their lives cannot be replaced, and we will remember them.

There is one more loss from Ian who we at the NHWA will never forget—Donna Lopez. Donna and her sister, Julie Parker, owned and operated Mockingbird Home Watch in Bokeelia, Florida. When Ian came ashore, much of Pine Island and Bokeelia was destroyed, including Donna and Julie’s home. Donna Lopez was severely diabetic, and in a mad scramble to find housing after the storm, Donna and her husband made their way to family in North Carolina until things could be figured out. With all the uproar and confusion, Donna’s supply of insulin was interrupted—so much so that she went into diabetic shock, which caused her to suffer a fatal heart attack.

It seems that Donna was an organ donor. Her family honored her wishes by keeping her alive for five days—long enough to save the lives of five people who never knew Donna. Her selfless act of organ donation made a huge difference in the lives of the recipients, their families, and to those whose lives will be affected by them.

We at the National Home Watch Association have committed to honoring Donna’s memory by donating to the National Foundation for Transplants in her memory. We also urge anyone reading this to sign up to become an organ donor in Donna’s memory.

–The Members and Staff of the National Home Watch Association