Greetings and salutations,

What a year we are having at the NHWA. We are getting more and more responses from non-member companies. We have potential Home Watch clients inquiring about accredited and non-accredited businesses. This recently happened in Southwest Florida, where some guy (obviously NOT a member) performing Home Watch was arrested for breaking and entering…in a house that he didn’t belong in. Many people contact us when there is no accredited company in their area. I always try to reach out to companies in that area, but these things take time. 

I will tell you that people now understand the need for an organization that sets standards and accredits companies. A successful Home Watch company must instill trust, be great communicators, and guarantee the privacy of their clients. This is an absolute given. These are the pillars of the NHWA. Having said that, the assumption that because a company is insured, does not necessarily guarantee that the company has coverage for what they actually do. That is because Home Watch did not have its own insurance…until now. The NHWA offers a Home Watch policy to its members that truly covers Home Watch, concierge, light cleaning, light maintenance, and handyman work. The policy is inexpensive, and it carries the bonus coverage of professional liability insurance. This in itself is reason enough to join the NHWA, but there are so many more reasons. 

Give us a call at the NHWA office, and we’ll tell you more. The number is (843) 357-6660. And watch for details about the 2014 North American NHWA conference. The dates are September 18th through the 21st. 

Much success to all,


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