Yeah, I know, it’s been a while since I last blogged. It’s true. I have been very busy with my own company’s business as well as the NHWA. There is a lot going on. We are set to announce newly accredited members in North Carolina and Alaska. I am also working closely with a gentleman from Florida who is launching a very exciting concept in the Home Watch industry (more to come in the near future). And then there is Skip Williams of Columbia, SC, who is busy tweaking his Home Watch software program (with Coastal Carolina Home Watch testing the prototype) even as you read this blog. The exciting thing about this software is that Home Watch companies will be able to integrate this into their current bookkeeping software. Your inspectors will be able to operate the system with a smartphone or iPad. That will cut down on unnecessary and redundant paperwork and possible costly mistakes that are lost in translation. The bottom line is that things are heating up at the NHWA. When will you get your company on board? If you haven’t given it that much thought, you need to know just how much our industry is booming. New companies are popping up all over.

What will separate you from the other guy? What will show your current and future customers that you are different and worth your fees? Accreditation. We continue to receive inquiries from people all over the country looking for “accredited” businesses in their area. It’s time to be that business. Get involved in helping us raise standards and ethics in the industry of which we are all a part.

Thanks for reading. And as always, I wish you

Much success,