Jack Luber
Executive Director


J&M Home Management of St. Petersburg, Florida, has earned fourth-year Accredited Member status from the NHWA.

Having gotten to spend time with J&M’s owner, Jennifer Frost, over the last few years, I can tell you how truly concerned she is about her clients and their homes. This will be very evident to anyone who hires Jennifer to keep an eye on things at their Tampa area home. Attention to detail is key to Jennifer and her team, because in her previous career, she was responsible for moving the Ringling Brothers Circus (complete with elephants) from one location to the next. And that involved a lot of details…not to mention peanuts. So, during each Home Watch visit, a visual inspection of a person’s home is performed in which Jennifer and her team look for obvious issues to help alleviate the home owner’s concern while they are away. If an area of concern is identified, they are then able to react before the concern grows into a larger problem. The J&M team understands the benefits and peace of mind that come from exceptional Home Watch and concierge services. J&M Home Management’s goals are to ensure their clients receive the highest in quality work and customer service whether they are at home or away.

Jennifer Frost
J&M Home Management

J&M Home Management serves the Tampa Bay area. Jennifer can be reached at (727) 368-6589 or info@jmhomemanagement.com. Learn more at www.jmhomemanagement.com.

Congratulations, Jennifer!

As always, I wish you

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