Greeting and salutations to all of you. It’s that time of the year again, when our thoughts and minds shift to shopping, eating, and of course family. It is a wonderful time of the year, whether you are celebrating Christmas, Chanukah or Kwaanza, because it reminds us that we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves and our day to day existence.
It is also the time of year that I ask everyone to pay attention to handicapped parking spaces. As the primary caregiver for a wife afflicted with MS, I am constantly amazed by people who use these spaces, and then proceed to walk for a mile and a half in a mall. I was at a food store yesterday where I watched two young girls park in a handicapped accessible space, and practically skipped into the food store. They were obviously fine, but were taking advantage of the placard hanging from the rearview mirror. People are given temporary placards for an injury (that has healed), and continue to use them as if they still needed the space. Handicapped accessible spots are wider than regular spaces. They allow disabled people to get into wheelchairs and scooters. Please think hard before using one of these spaces. Ok…off the soapbox!
For those of you with Home Watch businesses, don’t let the holidays interfere with your marketing and sales. A lot of customers may want to put off making a decision until after the holidays, but that reasoning may be flawed. More people travel to visit relatives and go on vacation during the season. Are you offering short term deals? Are you offering gift certificates? Have you pulled back your advertising? As an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association, you will have the opportunity to share ideas and ask questions of many successful business people who have lots of experience and answers. Get connected, and help us build the awareness of Home Watch while you are building your company and its reputation.Just because it’s December doesn’t mean we aren’t needed. We are needed even more than usual.

Much success and safe shopping!


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