Jack Luber Executive Director

Jack Luber
Executive Director

Greetings and salutations!

Lake Chelan HomeWatch, of Chelan, Washington, has earned Accredited Member status for the third consecutive year.

Founder and Owner Ron Trickett started Lake Chelan HomeWatch in 2013. He founded it after he began experiencing the anxiety of owning a second home. Many of his friends and neighbors with second homes also shared similar worries. Having neighbors or friends check on his home didn’t work very well: once his home had been left unlocked for weeks; another time a ruptured exterior water line spewed water for days until someone finally noticed and called him.

His unfortunate friends without what Ron calls the “Neighbors Doing Favors Program” had even more horrific stories of flooded homes, thousand-dollar water bills, damaged heat pumps, etc. Ron decided that there had to be a better way to achieve true Four Season Peace of Mind for both and his neighbors and himself. He knew there were others also frustrated about working on their second home during limited vacation time and then worrying about their vulnerable properties until their next visit.

Ron brings over 35 years of construction experience in single-family, commercial, and multi-family projects to this endeavor. He has been recognized for his extensive knowledge of building systems and his unwavering attention to detail and excellence.

In his free time, Ron enjoys boating on Lake Chelan, spending time with family and friends, snowmobiling and tasting the great wines of his local region. He volunteers for and helps support the Manson Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity and other community projects.

Ron Trickett of Lake Chelan HomeWatch

Ron Trickett of Lake Chelan HomeWatch

Lake Chelan HomeWatch serves Chelan, Manson, Entiat, Orondo, and Chelan Falls. Ron can be reached at (509) 393-3652 or ron@lakechelanhomewatch.com. You can also visit his website at www.lakechelanhomewatch.com.

Congratulations, Ron!

As always, I wish you

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