Jack Luber, Executive Director
Washington is in the house!
and Jennifer Trickett decided to start Lake Chelan HomeWatch in 2012
after experiencing the anxiety of owning a second home themselves. Many of their
friends and neighbors with second homes also shared similar worries. They tried
the “Neighbors Doing Favors” program, only to discover that their home had been
left unlocked for weeks; on another occasion, a ruptured exterior water line
spewed forth water for days until someone finally noticed and called them. They
had sprinkler systems malfunction, resulting in either floods or dead plants.
Several times they discovered their home overwhelmed with sewer gases from
dried-out plumbing drains. Their unfortunate friends without the “Neighbors
Doing Favors” program had even more horrific stories of flooded homes, thousand-dollar
water bills, damaged heat pumps, and many more stories too numerous to list.
Certainly, anyone with a second home can easily relate and fill in the blanks
with their own particular “awake during surgery” experiences.
overwhelming common denominator was that as absentee home owners, they had
nobody looking out for their best interests and their beloved homes. Instead of
arriving and enjoying their vacation homes, they would end up spending this
precious time chasing down parts, fixing things, or waiting for service people
to show up. Of course, finding someone to do anything on a holiday or weekend
in a resort community is next to impossible and very costly. They also knew
that many of the other minor issues could have been simply avoided if someone
qualified had been around to periodically check on and “exercise” the various
systems in the homes. They decided that there had to be a better way to achieve
some peace of mind, and they knew there were others out there also frustrated
about working on their second home during precious vacation time, and then
worrying about their vulnerable properties until their next visit.
many years of experience in designing, building and marketing homes makes them
very qualified to critically assess and monitor clients’ homes and other
recreational assets. They started Marshall Homes in 1993 and built many spec
and custom homes in the Seattle area. They have extensive experience dealing
with various building systems and subcontractors, and they know where and when
to look for the types of problems that eventually will come up in clients’  homes. They not only monitor and “exercise” homes,
but they also assess and check out the critical life safety systems and
security provisions and prepare a list of recommendations to keep potential
damage from becoming a disaster.
and Jennifer have owned property in the Lake Chelan area for over 10 years, and
as of 2012 have finally made the area their permanent home.
Ron Trickett
Jennifer Trickett
treats each home under his care and supervision as if it were his own home. In
his free time, Ron enjoys boating on Lake Chelan, spending time with family and
friends, snowmobiling, and tasting the great wines of the region. He volunteers
time and donates to help support the Manson Business Association, Habitat for
Humanity, and raising funds for the annual Manson Bay Fireworks Events.
handles the administrative and accounting operations and provides invaluable
support to the entire team. She has over 25 years of customer service
experience in construction, retail, health supplements, and the hotel/lodging
industries. She has a real passion for serving people and cares deeply
about their clients. Her hobbies include traveling, cooking, reading and
crocheting, as well as spending family time with Ron and her two adult sons.

Chelan HomeWatch serves Manson, Chelan, Entiat, and Orondo. Ron can be reached
at (206) 940-3154 or ron@lakechelanhomewatch.com. Their website is coming soon!
Welcome, Ron and Jennifer! As always, I wish you
Much success,