Jack Luber Executive Director

Jack Luber
Executive Director


Lake Gaston Concierge of Henrico, North Carolina, has earned Accredited Member status from the NHWA.

Owner Wayne Brown is a retired insurance agent and agency manager. Throughout his career, he has been involved in risk management and risk assessment. Wayne handled large commercial accounts as well as personal accounts for a bank’s insurance services.

Having grown up in Roanoke Rapids, NC, and spending his career working accounts all over eastern NC, Wayne always had a desire to end up at Lake Gaston. In 2002, Wayne and his wife, Cindy, purchased a second home in the northeast quadrant of Lake Gaston. They moved permanently to the lake in 2013.

After helping out friends and neighbors, as well as hearing concerns about absentee owners in other areas of the state, Wayne and Cindy decided there was a need for a Home Watch service at Lake Gaston. Lake Gaston Concierge, LLC, was formed in 2017 in order to service this need.

Lake Gaston Concierge provides property and house checks for second homes, vacation homes, and rental properties. They assess the problems, consult with the owner, and serve as the local contact and representative with any vendors or contractors that may be needed. Peace of mind for the homeowner is the goal.

Wayne Brown Lake Gaston Concierge, LLC

Wayne Brown
Lake Gaston Concierge, LLC

Lake Gaston Concierge serves the Lake Gaston area. Wayne can be reached at (252) 326-4358 or at wayne@LakeGastonHomeWatch.com. Learn more at www.LakeGastonHomeWatch.com.

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