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Are you ready for the new season that is now upon us? I know that I am. Depending on where you are, you are  readying for your major Home Watch season to either begin or end. Some of us are lucky enough to have clients to service year round. Sorry, did I say lucky? There are those who will tell you that luck is nothing more than the result of good planning. I tend to agree. Let’s face it: Those who anticipate and prepare for things to come are certainly more easily able to capitalize on opportunities that present themselves. Yeah, I know…easier said than done. But being a professional Home Watch company gives you many opportunities to offer many different services to your clients. What are they, you ask?  That is completely up to you. But I will tell you that being both astute and imaginative will answer that question. At the NHWA, we are committed to bringing our members new ideas by sharing our successes and failures with each other. I always try to learn from my failures and share them with members. If sharing my experiences helps someone else avoid making the same mistakes that I made, then good can come from them. I also believe that just because an idea may not work out, it was not necessarily a bad idea. It  may not have been marketed or implemented incorrectly. Maybe the timing was wrong. We, as members of the NHWA, have the opportunity to share with each other and bounce ideas around. It only makes sense. So if you haven’t joined yet: Do it already and join the conversation.

I have been waiting to blog about our newest member in Florida because I wanted a nice bio and picture from them. The problem is…well, they’ve been so busy with their business that they haven’t had time to get them to me. I have them now, so here we go:

Home Inspections Plus of Sarasota has joined the ranks of the NHWA! Jim and Sandra VanSuch have been providing Home Watch services to Sarasota and Manatee Counties since 2005, and recently became accredited members of our organization. Jim’s background is in home inspection. Certified and trained by the AHIT (American Home Inspector Training Institute) and an associate member of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to HIP (Home Inspections Plus). Sandra, who started the Home Watch service in 2005, is a school teacher and the mother of two (MOT). They are currently the only accredited members of the National Home Watch Association (NHWA) in their part of Florida. Jim and Sandra want their customers feeling secure and confident about their choice of Home Watch companies, and they believe that membership in the NHWA  adds more credibility to their already excellent reputation. Please visit their website at: .

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