Even though we are from all over the country, we all share some common problems. Public education, for example. Even after all of these years of repeating myself, there are still people that think Home Watch
is nothing more than “house sitting”. As a matter of fact, on Google Adwords, “house sitting” provides a lot of hits to this very site. But I digress. This site is getting a huge response from companies who want to ask about their insurance. There are lot’s of questions being asked about the disparity in premiums. I am also being contacted by new companies, and people looking to form new companies. The insurance question is a constant theme. So…what can the NHWA do for your company? What’s in it for you? Is is worth the money? The answers are obvious: A lot; A lot more than meets the eye; and Absolutely!
As a unified group, we can more strongly negotiate with industries that we do business with.
Insurance companies being one example. How many of you had to educate your insurance broker and still jump through hoops to secure insurance? I believe that with the amount of Home Watch companies that exist, insurance companies should be able to get a handle on what we do and don’t do. They should be able to come up with a symbol for our industry.  What about the Yellow Pages? I am willing to bet that most companies are still being listed under “security”. We should rate our own decription, don’t you think? Southwest Florida, which is the center of thr  Home Watch universe, has been given a listing for Home Watch.. But for the rest of us, why should we have to hope that a potential customer thinks enough to look under security or guard services or even maintenance?
There are so many reasons to join the National Home Watch Association. Not the least of which is the “Big Picture”. Being accredited will separate you from the pack, and give your company the access to more qualified, direct leads. If you’ve ever looked at what advertising costs (I know I look at my bills every month…), the annual cost is quite a value. FYI – since we launched the website on September 7th, there have been over 900 new visitors to it. Given the fact that only 300 or so companies have been contacted, well do the math. I currently have leads for many states with no representation.

C’mon you fence sitters……

Much success,