Greetings and salutations.

Can you say Alaska? How about Montana? New York? The NHWA has just added Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula and the Hamptons on New York’s Long Island to our membership. We are  also set to introduce the new Member in Montana this week. I will be blogging about these new businesses in the coming days. You will also be reading about new Members in Florida, Nevada, Massachusetts, California and Virginia. We are thrilled about our new Members, and those who have earned their accreditations for their second year.

I have been very busy with Association business. The NHWA has been contacted by representatives from the insurance industry, and questions are being asked and answered. January 2013 begins our official efforts with the US Census Bureau to get Home Watch its very own NAICS code. This will actually get our industry its own classification, paving the way for recognition from insurance companies. We are becoming known as the information source for the Home Watch industry. I am currently sharing the information that I am learning with our Members. I will say it again: If you have a Home Watch/absentee homeowner services company, it is in your company’s best interest to get involved in the NHWA. We are growing and being approached for information by those who seek it. Our website is getting 1100-1200 hits per month, and many of these people are looking for accredited companies in their locales. We get inquiries from all over the US and Canada. For those of you operating in states where people leave to go to their secondary locations, those people need Home Watch for their primary residences while they are gone. If you already have a Home Watch business, get accredited…or, if you don’t, start a new business. Over 25 new companies have opened and become Accredited Members by using the NHWA Guide to Starting a Home Watch Business.

More Members equal a louder voice. A louder voice means being heard by the insurance, real estate and mortgage industries. The NHWA needs your voice, and we need your input.  There are a lot of benefits to membership. Our redesigned website will be an even better marketing vehicle for your business. Give me a call. Let me answer your questions. Until then, I wish you

Much success,


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