Greetings and salutations!

The National Home Watch Association’s “how to” guide that we compiled to instruct people who are going to start a Home Watch business is being requested at a good rate. We are now emailing a down loadable version out to applicants. This is a wonderful opportunity for all Home Watch companies to review certain things that they may or may not be doing. The guide is free to members. For prospective members, the cost is $185, but that amount will be applied to your membership dues when they qualify for membership. So it is essentially free for those people also.
For those of you who are still sitting on the fence about joining: Why wouldn’t you want to be the first in your county or even your state to gain accreditation, Internet presence (more customers will see you), and knowledge that only members of the NHWA are entitled to?  Nothing will change until YOU make the effort to change. I leave you with this quote:

    The Future?  The things that got us here will not get us there. –  Peter Drucker
Wishing all of you much success,

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