Jack Luber Executive Director

Jack Luber
Executive Director

Greetings and salutations!

Lotus Home Management LLC, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, has earned Accredited Member status in the NHWA for the second consecutive year.

Ber and Lauren Evans founded Lotus Home Management in 2011 and have had a presence in the industry since 2007. Ber’s educational and professional background is in business management. Lauren’s 17-year marketing career in the high-end Santa Fe residential market includes seven years of working in the security industry. It
was during that time that she saw the strong demand for a professional, high-caliber home management service for absentee second homeowners. Lotus has thus
successfully earned the reputation of providing an exemplary level of service for discriminating clientele in the greater Santa Fe area.

Ber and Lauren met in college at the University of Kansas in 1981, and it was love at first sight. During a Spring Break trip to Florida, they realized their grandparents had known each other in Pennsylvania (where Ber and Lauren were both born), and they knew fate had played its hand. Married in 1987, they moved from Los Angeles to Santa Fe a year later. Twenty-six years later, with two children who are now outstanding young adults, they are still going strong. Three generations of family now live in Santa Fe, which continues to provide a strong sense of connection and joy. Hobbies include golf, cooking, gardening, home improvement projects and hanging out with the beloved family dog.

Lauren and Ber Evans

Lauren and Ber Evans

Lotus Home Management serves the Greater Santa Fe area and can be reached at (505) 310-2161, (505) 231-0542, or at Ber@LotusHomeManagement.com.
You can visit their website at www.LotusHomeManagement.com.

Congratulations, Ber and Lauren!
As always, we wish you
Much success,