You may have noticed a recent lack of blogging, or that our new website is not yet live, and might be wondering why. The answer is that I have been taking care of Chris, my wife and partner of 30 years. Chris lost her 15 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis on April the 16th. Chris endured a long, painful and terrible existence that took away her movement and physical abilities, but not her sense of humor, spirit or will to live. Her strength and courage has inspired me to persevere in so many situations that I thought were hopeless or too much trouble. She never gave up: no matter the pain or indignities she suffered daily. And so, I am recommitting and rededicating my energy, spirit and time to the National Home Watch Association. Chris was very proud of the NHWA and what it stands for. She was proud of me for creating it, and the strides being taken to better our industry. I know that if I put forth even half the effort that she gave everyday in order to survive, the NHWA will become what she and I envisioned it to be. Her memory will always inspire me to succeed. As always, I wish you 

Much success,


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