I’d like to thank the gentleman from the Fort Myers area for the negative comments and accusations that he passed along to me via Email. Please understand that I am grateful for any input whatsoever. So when this gentleman, who was looking to start a Home Watch company, inquired as to why there were no prices listed on the NHWA Website, we emailed him back right away.  He wrote: “The fact that there is no information as to fees available on your website makes me skeptical as to the viability of your company and the benefits you profess to provide.”  We didn’t want to insult him, but the annual dues are listed very clearly on the Membership Application, which is easily accessed and downloadable by multiple links on our site.  We also thanked him for pointing out that the fees were hard for him to find, and that we would be working with our IT person to see what made sense. I responded with:  “We are working with our IT guy to make it more visible. I won’t, however, plaster the price all over the site. It has been my experience that until a person knows what they are getting for their money, it is very easy to dismiss something based on price.”  
Let’s face it: Regardless of the product or service, our human nature wants to get the price, before knowing too much else. The VALUE of the product or service becomes irrelevant to the consumer, because a decision is already being made without all of the pertinent information. How many times have we cursed ourselves, because we realized that we had made a decision to buy or belong–nor not to–based on price? I know that I sure have. I will never forgive myself for not getting the sunroof in my first new car. And, yes, I could have bought Google when it was relatively cheap.  Upset with my own short-sightedness, I would often wish that I had gotten all of the information before forming my opinion and ultimately making a decision. The old “Hindsight is 20/20” theory.  Now, the other side of the coin is where someone doesn’t understand, or doesn’t doesn’t bother to look at all of the benefits, so they condemn or bad-mouth the product or service. I’ve done that myself, too. And so, when the gentleman from the Fort Myers area emailed back: “Found the fee. Can’t see that you offer any benefit other than to tell people a home watch service is licensed and bonded, when in fact there are no licensing requirements in Florida other than a local city or county business  license that any 10 year old can get by paying a $50.00  fee. I call that deceptive advertising, but I congratulate you on your chutzpah,**” I smiled. Consider how easily he describes what it takes to form a new Home Watch business in the state of Florida. Do you think it is deceptive advertising to raise the standards of an industry that is so easy to become a part of? I think not. In all seriousness, folks, this is the mindset of a lot of our present and future competitors.
**Chutzpah (Hootz’-pah): a Yiddish word for guts, nerve, moxie, etc. (Think phlegm in your throat when you say it!)
You see, the reason that the NHWA was formed was to accredit businesses that don’t look at the Home Watch industry in that manner. We check with consumer agencies for complaints against companies. Applying does not guarantee acceptance. With the amount of new businesses starting up, there are bound to be uninsured or under-insured businesses out there operating with a “local city or county business license that any 10 year old can get by paying a $50 fee.” What do they say nowadays? OMG! 
As we build our Association, Members like Bob Myers of Home Watch Group of SWFL and other current Members are enjoying the benefits of membership. They get qualified client leads sent directly from our Website to theirs. Because of their foresight in joining, these Member companies have set themselves apart from the pack.
You know what, guy from the Fort Myers area? It does take CHUTZPAH to take a chance. It does take CHUTZPAH to undertake a project like starting the NHWA. It does take CHUTZPAH be among the first to become a part of something new.
To those of you considering membership, I urge you to consider the attitude of this gentleman who is about to join our ranks.
Thank you, gentleman from the Fort Myers area, for reinforcing exactly why the NHWA is necessary. Oh, and thank you for today’s topic. 
Wishing you all lots of chutzpah,