Hello all,

So every morning I jump onto “Google Analytics” to look at how many people have visited the NHWA site, and every morning I get more excited. The site has had over 500 “unique visitors” since it went live less than a month ago. Here is what blows me away: The NHWA only sent out about 250 letters and 100 emails to companies across the country as a 1st wave marketing. Only 350 or so …total. If you aren’t aware by now, we believe that there are over 1000 companies (or more) doing business. The member search map is up and running, we are being contacted, but we have no companies in most states to recommend yet. I apologize for the map not being up quickly enough, but I made a judgement call to try to keep everything fair with regard to posting new members in overly competetive areas. The bottom line is, there are no more excuses. The overwhelming response from almost all of you has been terrific. I am constantly being told that the NHWA is a great idea that needs to be supported. I know $495 might sound like a lot, but the benefits that it delivers are more than worth it. Think of your advertising dollars. $41.25 per month is an small investment in both your business and the industry as a whole. You, the truly dedicated professionals will set yourself apart from any Tom, Dick or Harry looking to make a fast buck, with no intention of doing the right thing for their customers. Become accredited and instantly make our industry more professional.

Much success to you all.

Jack Luber