A few weeks back, I told you all about the large amount of people that contacted us asking for help in starting their new business. So we put together a no-nonsense, real world and easy to follow “how-to” guide. Our goal was to come up with a way for new companies to know the questions for which they need to know the answers, in order to build a solid foundation to grow their businesses as smoothly as possible. Now to be perfectly frank, the information that is shared is based upon a lot of mistakes, miscues and just plain old screw ups that I made while building and operating Coastal Carolina Home Watch (and those made by some other Home Watch companies that shall remain anonymous).  And so, this guide is a compilation of  ideas that worked, and ones that either didn’t or did after a lot of trial and error. The guide focuses more on the start-up than the actual operation of your company. The feedback we have gotten on it has been great. After sharing it with all of our members, it was brought to my attention by a few, that the guide gave them lot of ideas that they had not pursued. Having spoken to potential members whose businesses are not performing as they had hoped, I shared some ideas with them that I considered basics, only to find that they were not only not being used, but never even considered. Sometimes just going back to the basics will renew your enthusiasm and creativity, and “spark” a new thought on how to increase your client base and profitability.

I you have anything to add or would like to share, I would love to see your comment.

The NHWA website is getting a  bunch of requests for accredited members in Arizona, California, Florida, Toronto, Cape Cod and the Washington, DC area. I can share the numbers with you. Give us a call if you are interested in learning more about these leads. Clients are waiting for you.

Much success to all.


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