Greetings, Y’all!

I love the South. Warm weather, warm smiles, and warm welcomes. The North Carolina Association of Realtors came together with the South Carolina Association of Realtors in beautiful Savannah,Georgia, from September 8th through the 11th. I was there representing the NHWA, while promoting the Home Watch industry. Every time I speak to groups of Realtors, I am more and more convinced of their importance to our industry. You cannot believe how many of them are actually doing their own type of Home Watch. They are doing it…and are not to happy about it. One woman told me that she has a drawer full of keys from clients’ homes. “They expect me to check their house out every time there’s a storm. I’m not responsible OR insured for that.” Another realtor told me, “People ask me all the time to keep an eye on their house, and I always say no. I have to. It’s way too much work, and I have too many other things to do.” The general consensus of most Realtors that I spoke with is that they would absolutely recommend Home Watch to their clients. 

Another big plus from attending these expos is the ability to meet with representatives from banks, mortgage companies, insurance providers, home warranty companies, and other real estate affiliated industries. Cross-marketing is always a possibility, as is getting new ideas about your business from them. I made many new contacts, and will be following up with a lot of them in the coming days. I will be speaking with NHWA members about some very profitable ideas in our next newsletter. There are so many income sources that are available to us, we just have to take the steps to make them a reality.

The convention was successful and enjoyable, and I am confident that it spread the word about our industry to a lot of people that needed to know about it. The National Association of Realtors continues to learn about our existence and who we represent. I would love to be able to attend other states’ conventions and have Accredited Members be there with me representing the NHWA.
On a side note, I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,
but I went looking for the Mercer-Williams House in the gorgeous
historical district of Savannah. I saw it at night, with its uplighting
casting an eerie glow on the walls of the mansion. I also found the
bench that Forrest Gump told his story from.

Much success,