It would be a wonderful thing if we started our businesses fifteen or twenty years ago when the Internet was virtually unknown and our businesses grew as the Search Engines grew and developed. The oldest domain name is which was registered in 1985. Domain names were free up to 1995. This was pre-Google, competiton was virtually non-existant and anyone who invested in a website did not have much more of a page than this blog post.

Not even remotely so in 2015. Today there were over 271 million registered domain names as of the fourth quarter of 2013. Practically every business has one or even more. They have become a commodity and single word domain names can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Forget trying to get a three letter or four letter domain name. As an example close to home, Florida has a huge number of “home watch” related keyword domain names registered compared to most all of the other states so yes, the competition there is fierce!

So now if you are sitting there bewildered, wondering how do I even stand a chance, understand that you can compete. You can start with things mentioned in the previous SEO post. Once you have that under control, you need to work on the other areas like backlinking and Social Media Signals.

You probably understand who your head to head competition is in your area but how do you measure up when using the Internet to market your business compared to others? Are they getting the traffic for the highly search keyword phrases while you lanquish back on page 16 of the SERP’s? What are they doing that you aren’t? Would you like to have a better understanding of their SEO “support system” that puts them where they are compared to your SEO “support system”?

If you do not understand what makes their Internet marketing success, how are you going to improve your Internet marketing? You are a ship without a rudder.

As an offer exclusive to NHWA members, we want to give you a better idea of your Internet competition.  You can send your domain and two of your competitor domains to to see how you measure up. If you took advantage the previous keyword phrase SERP’s offer, use the keyword phrase that is in the middle of the number of searches per month. If your page was not showing up in the first 5 pages (top 50), pick a domain on page three and the #5 listing on page one for your competition. You will see that you are probably not too far from being competitive with the domain on page three but have some work to get to the domain on page one. Send the competition domains in the follow format:

Your domain

A domain on page one for your selected keyword

A domain in about the middle of the number one domain and where your domain is. (if you are on page 3 of the SERP’s, pick one on page one and one on page two. If you are not in the first five pages (50 results) pick one on the first page and one on the third page)

This is offered free of charge and sponsored by the National Home Watch Association.

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