In our day-to-day business life, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed. Let’s face it: It’s tough out there. Owning a small business can make you question your sanity at times. I know it does to me. As the owner of Coastal Carolina Home Watch, I deal with so many different things on a daily basis that it’s easy to get a little crazy at times. If I have a bad day or two, I can deal. Sometimes I have a bad week; I can deal a little less. I have been through a pretty rough time these past few months (some might say years), and so to get a little negative is pretty easy. I have never been negative before. Hell, I’ve been accused of whistling past the graveyard on more than one occasion. But I have always believed in myself–and this Association. And I have never lost faith in the potential of Coastal Carolina Home Watch. So putting my life back together after losing my wife has been a day at a time, one step at a time. The amazing thing is that now that I am seeing clearly again, and my brain is actually processing thoughts and ideas, I am starting to see the importance of “small victories” again. While I was overwhelmed and stressed out, it was always all or nothing. Things were either good or bad: no in-between, no middle ground. And from my point of view, most of the time it was bad. And everything was BIG.

Having been forced to slow down, I have been able to re-evaluate things. I am now breaking things down a little more, and looking to make each day and stretch of time devoted to something count even more. I don’t try to win the game with one swing. I’ve stopped trying to kill the ball with my driver. If I keep my head down, take an easy back swing, drive through the ball and finish with a good follow through, I know that I’ll hit the ball well. As long as I stay in play, and get to the green in regulation, I’ll give myself a realistic shot at par. If I get a little lucky (from good fundamentals), I should leave myself a chance at a few birdies too.

I guess I am trying to tell you to stay the course, lose the negativity, and get back to good fundamentals. Take the small victory every time. Those small ones pay the bills. Those small ones make our foundations solid. Those small victories keep us thinking and feeling positive, so that we feel good and confident when that really big victory is there to be won. Think about it.

Much success,


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