Hello All.

I hope that everyone is doing well. First of all, I would like to congratulate and welcome Wanda Rogers of Allegiant Property Watch for becoming our first accredited member of the National Home Watch Association from the Great State of California. I believe that California is going to be the next boom state for home watch. As of now, Florida is the center of the home watch universe. There is a lot of competition in that state. I wonder how the NHWA will affect the non-members. How much credibility will it lend to our members? This is the thrust of the marketing side of the NHWA. The sponsored site appears at the top of the home watch category. It disappears after a certain number of clicks on the ad. Many people have said that they haven’t seen it, but I assure you that it does appear. I ask again that you do not click on it as it costs the Association per click through, and because of the daily budget….we should leave it for prospective customers to use.

Please let me know how the real estate and new housing markets are in your area. Not all areas are as bad as others. I plan on discussing ideas on new income opportunities for good and bad markets.

Good luck and much success to you all.


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