My fellow Home Watchers,

It is my pleasure to tell you this evening that the State of the NHWA is strong! As we look forward to a productive 2012, I am encouraged by the spirit, enthusiasm and interest shown by people in growing our Association. I am proud of the Members and Mentees who have joined and are currently building their new businesses using the guidance and ethics of the National Home Watch Association. This past week alone, the NHWA has added 7 new Mentees. Our phone call volume and web traffic is very encouraging. Like anything else, it takes time to get momentum going. But potential new members in Delaware, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, Alaska, Southern California, and Hawaii should be coming on board very soon. Florida has a brand new member whom I’ll be blogging about in the next few days. Even British Columbia is dipping its toe in the water. All of these signs point towards a very strong 2012 for the NHWA. For those Home Watch fence-sitters who are still wavering about applying for accreditation, I say to you…join already.  I know how many of you keep looking at our website. Google Analytics tells me all about who is looking again, and again and again. We need your membership to build our numbers, which will provide the impact we need  in order to raise the standards in our industry. The NHWA needs your participation in gathering knowledge and statistics, so we can be heard by the insurance industry and the proper agencies so we can get our own designated classification.

Yes, the State of the Association is growing stronger every day, but we need you to make it even stronger. Make the commitment to become a member. Call me to discuss it at (843) 357-6660.  I am waiting for your call.

Patriotically yours,