Greetings and Salutations.

(This blog was actually written immediately following Sandy, but I didn’t think that talking about Home Watch was appropriate at the time. Now that my best friend finally has power in his home, I will post it. – j)

As I watched the devastation unfold on television and online, my heart broke. Places where I spent my childhood summers, and most summers of my life, in fact, were gone. The boardwalks of Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, Point Pleasant Beach and Atlantic City, where I worked my way through school, spent my youth, met my wife and raised my kids, were completely devastated. I was able to speak with some friends and family who, while in the middle of this disaster, couldn’t see what was happening all around them. They had no idea how bad the situation truly was.

To me, living at the shore meant everything. That’s why when my wife and I moved south, our home had to be near the ocean. I have been blessed to be able to live in this beautiful place called the South Carolina Lowcountry for the last 7 years. I always find it ironic that friends and family are always so concerned about us having moved into a hurricane zone. Now, I certainly don’t want to jinx anything, but this area has been very lucky when it comes to storms. Because of the shape of the coast, tropical storms, Nor’easters and hurricanes seem to bounce off the Charleston area and make landfall around the Outer Banks of North Carolina, completely bypassing us. And since Hurricane Hugo’s destruction of 1989, this part of the country has dodged a lot of bullets. My point is that what might be expected in one area won’t necessarily happen. And the last place you would expect a hurricane to hit just might be the place that actually gets destroyed by one. You just can’t tell anymore.

Hurricane Sandy in no way could have been prevented by having a Home Watch service, but it should however, emphasize the importance of having a storm protocol in place and at the ready. It should also reinforce the need for having a home inventory done as soon as possible.  Look at all of those people trying to piece their lives back together. I am not sure I’d know where to begin. So let’s be thankful for what we do have and try to learn from what has happened.

To my friends and family that were affected by Sandy, stay strong and know that I love you all. And to everyone else, as always I wish you

Much success,