You are not alone…..

It happens all the time. You are in a conversation with a group of people, and you have the opportunity to tell them what you do, and you do. “I have a Home Watch business,” you say, and immediately comes the comment: “Oh. You’re a house sitter,” or “You do security.” Now it’s time to explain what you actually do. Then, they tell you what a great idea it is. They invariably tell you: “I thought about doing something just like that!” I have had that conversation hundreds of times. You probably have, too, and if you haven’t…you will.

Here is another one: You are speaking with someone, and you find out that they are part-time residents (absentee owners). You tell them what you do. “Ah, I don’t need that. I have a neighbor/brother/uncle cousin/priest/rabbi……….”.  Or, “I shut the water off / I have property management / I have never had a problem,” or “I live in a gated community.”

No matter what we call ourselves, we are all in the Home Watch business. If we are honest with ourselves, we know that we are also salespeople who market our services. All salespeople should be well-versed in their product, demographics, community, and of course, their company. It is important to find the client’s need, verify it and then show them how your company and its services will do just that.

Now as far as I am concerned, everyone that I speak to represents an opportunity. Think about that. How? Simple. Everybody knows someone else. Everyone is a potential referral source.  They may not need you, but they go away on trips quite often. They may own a business or work in a field that can recommend you, or do work for you. Or vice versa…how about a little “quid pro quo”?

Do you have talking points at the ready? Do you know the latest issues affecting homeowners? Do you know about things happening in other states that might affect you or your clients? Is insurance an issue?

Joining the NHWA is a good business decision. Who knows our business better than other Home Watch business owners? The first time that I met with Bob Myers of Home Watch Group of SWFL, I was amazed and comforted to know that I wasn’t alone. He and I compared notes and issues. Funny, but they were the same in Florida as they were by me. When you can be open and share with someone who is not your competition, you will pick up good, honest information. I guarantee it.

Bob’s website is averaging 45 – 50 click-throughs from the NHWA website per month. Most are qualified leads. Take a look at what you are spending to get qualified traffic onto your site or to ring your phone. Google “Home Watch” and see what page your business is listed on. Be honest…how many pages do you go through when you are searching for any kind of service? Most people never make it to page 2. The NHWA is right up there on top, bypassing most links. Visitors will be directed to NHWA Accredited Members, rather than having to navigate through page after page of listings. How could this kind of visibility and credibility help your business?

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me at the NHWA office. The number is (843) 357-6660. My Email is . You can even use the blog to post something.

More and more states are represented. North Carolina just hit the map. NJ, Maryland, and Ohio are right behind it. Set yourself apart from the pack. Join already. Wishing you

Much success,