The loss of one of our own, and the good that came from it.

Donna Lopez

Hurricane Ian caused an incredible amount of loss and damage. It affected millions and will cost billions of dollars. Those were the headlines, and they are nothing to make light of. So many Home Watch companies and their clients will feel the effects of the storm for years to come. But these losses are material. They are things that can and will be replaced. Early last month, we were made aware of a loss that hits close to home for the entire Southwest Florida Home Watch community.

Donna Lopez and her sister, Julie Parker, operated Mockingbird Home Watch from their homes in Bokeelia, FL, a small island off the northern tip of Cape Coral. When Ian hit, their homes were destroyed, leaving them and their families homeless. In addition to the destruction and adversity around them, Donna was seriously diabetic. She and her husband, José, quickly decided to relocate to Laurinburg, North Carolina, and stay there until things could be sorted out. But that was not to be. Because of the disruption in medications caused by the hurricane, Donna’s blood sugar spiked so high that it put her into cardiac arrest. The decision was made to put her in a medically induced coma to try and manage all that was happening to her. Soon after, the doctors announced that she was brain-dead, and as per Donna’s wishes to be an organ donor, she was kept alive for another two days to arrange for transplants. Because of Donna’s selflessness, five lives were saved. Out of tragedy comes good.

We will miss Donna and will aways remember her selfless act. We hope it inspires others to do the same.

In 2023, the National Home Watch Association has committed to donate a portion of each membership fee to the National Foundation for Transplants in Donna’s memory and honor. We are happy to accept donations, which we will forward to them. The family has also set up a GoFundMe page for Donna’s final expenses. Here is the link.

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