We here at the NHWA are getting ready to celebrate our one-year anniversary next month. You know, sometimes you really have to step back and evaluate the progress of an undertaking like this. Are we where we expected/wanted/needed to be at this point? What have we learned/changed/aspired to do in our first 11 months of existence? Have we accomplished our goals thus far? 

Well, to start out not even existing, and to be where we are right now, makes me feel kind of proud. We already have members in 13 states (we are announcing a our first member in NJ in a couple of days), and many more in our mentoring and vetting stage at present. Our “how-to guide” is currently being used by over 30 companies either seeking to gain accreditation or looking to found their companies based upon the standards and ethics that are required to be accepted. Our site is consistently visited  by 800 to 900 visitors every 30 days. First-time (unique) visitors always number between 70 to 80 percent, month in and month out. We have had customer inquiries from virtually every state (including Alaska) and a few provinces in Canada. We have software in the works, and have had conversations with security companies looking to work with us. We have and continue to contact insurance companies with the idea of getting a conversation started about discounts for homeowners who employ an accredited Home Watch company. And as I have said many times before, by raising the awareness of these companies as to the importance and value of Home Watch, maybe we won’t be made to jump through hoops and pay the premiums that we are paying now.

As I am sure you can guess, I am very excited with our progress. With the exception of a few skeptics and naysayers, our journey has been pretty positive so far. Ask Travis Bumgarner of Florida Estate Management Services in Boca Raton, Florida, if he’s excited too. I received an email from him last month in which he let me know that he already has four confirmed NEW clients that came directly from the NHWA. He has only been listed as a member for a couple of months, and his business is located in an area that is in the heart of the “Home Watch Universe.” That means that in just 11 short months, membership in the NHWA is carrying some weight and prestige.

And so, I’d like to express my thanks and appreciation to everyone who has supported our efforts to raise the standards of our industry and become accredited, or are currently working towards it. Because of them, I have never felt as positive about what we are striving for as I do right now in our 11th month.

BTW — Look for some improvements and new features on the website in the next month.

As always, I wish you all much success.


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