Greetings and salutations to all!

I am very excited about 2011. I truly am. The launch of the NHWA in late 2010 has given us a head start in building the organization this coming year. As I have been mentioning, the website response has been phenomenal. It has far exceeded our expectations.(Florida inquiries are averaging over 300 per month)  More exciting than that, is the fact that we have had inquiries from over 100 potential members. The exciting thing about that is that we have only reached out to about 300 Home Watch businesses. That means 1 of 3 has checked in. We are also getting inquiries from many companies that we had not contacted. And not surprisingly, many people looking to start up new businesses want to know how we can help.

I needn’t remind anyone how tough times are. I understand how tight funds are. Our customers are in the same boat. They need to have total confidence in us, as we are advocates for them in their absence. This is the time to increase: credibility; market share; knowledge and ultimately …your bottom line. As we continue to research potential members, I am having to go to page 15 or higher of Google listings to find them. Joining the NHWA will bring these companies up where they belong. On the first page. The cost of membership ($495), amounts to about $40 per month. A very sound investment for your business.

Look for upgrades to the site, and lots of information in the coming month.

Have a safe and happy New Year.


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