The good news: Those damn political commercials are done. Well, for the next 6 months or so. The bad news: Nothing will be resolved until the new Congress gets settled in. I for one, am not all that hopeful that the new Congress is going to wave a magic wand, and all will be wonderful again. As the eternal optimist, I am usually a “glass half full” kind of guy. So despite my negativity I want to look at the positives for the Home Watch industry.

Some Positives
Foreclosure and REO opportunities – Be smart and get a share of this market.
Bad Economy = Higher Crime Rate – A double edged sword, true. But the need for our services are definitely increasing.
Less visits by homeowners – Empty homes mean increased visits, and probably more maintenance jobs.
Some Negatives

Bad Economy = Less Disposable Income – The big one. Trumps everything else, right? Wrong! Don’t kid yourselves Home Watcherswe are all salespeople. And…”Selling starts when the customer says no.”
Less advertising dollars available – Better wise up with those ad dollars, ’cause that money goes quick!
Fewer people are controlling my income – What? Why? How? You need to look at the big picture. Identify more income opportunities.

        Business people are like sharks. We have to keep moving and feeding or else we will succumb. I remember a saying from my sales days. It was“When you’re green you grow…when you’re ripe, you rot”.  I don’t care if you are the “Big Dog” in town, or you are just starting out. Never forget that phrase. Becoming a member of the National Home Watch Association will keep you growing. The NHWA will not only give you ideas and keep you fresh, but will also serve as a forum to gain information from people just like you from all over the country. Think about that. What a concept…sharing information.
I believe in the NHWA’s mission and goals. I think that most of you do also. Those of you who don’t…you probably wouldn’t be accredited anyway. The rest of you…get in on this. Don’t wait. $40 bucks a month ($495) gets you a direct link to your site from the NHWA website. Take a look at your page rankings. If you aren’t on the first couple of pages….forget about it. Customers stop looking after page 3. Let us show you how to raise your profile on the Internet. I guarantee it.
Wishing you much success,


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