Well, it has taken over a year to get it all together, but we are happy to say that the NHWA is a GO!  We want to thank everyone for visiting the new website, and we do hope that your becoming an accredited member will be a rewarding and very positive experience. This organization will be a powerful tool for you and your business on many different levels.

As of this moment we are waiting for Google to post the website as a sponsored link which will be prominently placed on the “search results” page for “Home Watch”. Members, please click on the regular listing on Google as it is free. It is important to remember that clicking through on the  sponsored link cost the organization money. It will have a limit per day, so we need to save it for the people searching for your business.  So please save the link as an icon on your desktop, bookmark it,  or put it in “My Favorites”. Clicking through the regular way is not a problem at all, and please remember the .org designation.

The Home Watch Member Search will be up and running very shortly. This will allow customers to be linked directly to your company’s own website. As an accredited member, you will be receiving qualified leads that will have been re-educated as to the importance of Home Watch. Being a member will also give you a leg up on the competition, because of your certification. 

Our blog will contain thoughts and information that might affect the Home Watch industry. Please feel free to participate and add your thoughts.

Please feel free to email me at jack@nationalhomewatchassociation.org
 with any questions.

Thanks again for reading my blog.