The NHWA gets some really incredible feedback from our website and the analytics that help us interpret it. This data is so valuable to us. We’d love to share it with all of you, but obviously the information is for “Members Only”. (I am such a tease.) I will share some raw numbers. Since the site’s launch, we have had over 20,000 page views. Yes, I said 20,000. Granted, there are going to be some repeat visitors in that count, but wow. That is in less than 6 months. The top ten most popular states that got requests for information about accredited members were:
South Carolina
New York
North Carolina
New Jersey
The rest of the states are all very close. Ontario is also a very popular search.

It is time to take notice of the NHWA. Becoming a member will do so much for your company. You will be a part of something greater. As a voice representing our industry, we can make things happen.

The insurance industry needs to take notice and begin to regulate and lower our Home Watch insurance liability premiums. They should give discounts to homeowners who use our services. Insurance is just one of the issues that face our industry.

It’s time for you to join and take advantage of all of the benefits of membership.

Much success,


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