SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. If you have a website and you are not tracking how it performs in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) you are missing a lot of information to improve the traffic to your website. Some vital factors for SEO are:

  • Keywords
  • Competition
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Backlinks
  • Social Media Signals

Many and probably most of you get an email or twenty a week from someone who can get you a #1 ranking in Google. They can. But what you are going to get is a #1 ranking for a keyword phrase that gets zero searches.

No searches + No competition = #1 Ranking of Zero Value

Keywords are the magnets for any traffic to your website. A keyword or keyword phrase must be relative to your business and, if you are a localized business like home watch services, the location is very important. The next factor is searches for your keyword phrase. If it does not get any search traffic, it has zero value to your SEO efforts. Another consideration is if it is getting searches, how many others are competing for that same keyword phrase and what is their strength to maintain their position/competition for that keyword phrase.

Another important thing for keywords is where do you show up in Google? Are you on page 1 for a highly searched keyword or on page 5 or higher. Statistics show that your chances of getting a click to your website from SERP’s are the greatest for #1 through #5. Number six through ten will get search but only if the one through five positions do not engage the searcher with their “descriptions”. After page one, the chances of getting a click through to your site with organic search sharply, very sharply, declines.

Google ranks your website/webpage based on:

  1. Keyword/Keyword Phrase in your domain name
  2. Keyword/Keyword Phrase in your page title
  3. Keyword/Keyword Phrase in your sub-titles (paragraph titles)
  4. Keyword/Keyword Phrase in your content (too many of the same keyword/keyword phrases in the content can get you penalized)

Google, where over 65% of all searches are made, pretty much sets the standard for “on-page” factors listed above. Having this done correctly is critical to SEO success. If these items are not set up correctly, you already have an uphill battle to SERP’s success. Your content writer should have had guidance and expectations to ensure your keyword/keyword phrases that get search results are included in your content. Professional copywriters for Internet content understand this and can deliver results.

Having a domain name of your business is important if the keywords that get searches are part of the name. Having home watch or home watch services will achieve better results than ever will.

Having the focus keyword/keyword phrase in the page title and page description is critical to search success.

NHWA_Google Listing

The National Home Watch Association website has “home watch” in the domain name, in the page title and the page description. Google likes this because everything is “relevant” and therefore, Google puts this listing on the first page for the keyword search of “home watch”. There are several other factors that go into ranking but if you don’t have the basics, you are going to be digging yourself out of a hole.

The next post for SEO will be about competition. If you and twenty other business in your area are focused on the same keyword or keyword phrase, you must have a strong SEO presence to improve your SERP position.

If you would like to find out what your websites SERP’s are for three separate keyword phrases, send me an email at with the following information:

Domain Name

Keyword Phrase 1

Keyword Phrase 2

Keyword Phrase 3

You will receive the average number of searches per month for each keyword phrase and what page your website shows in the SERP’s for Google, Bing and Yahoo so you have a better understanding of your SEO situation. This is offered free of charge and sponsored by the National Home Watch Association.